AV-BlockIf you found this page, you likely have been faced with a diagnosis for your unborn child, saying either Prenatal AV-Block III or complete heart block. As we have been faced with this diagnosis in late April 2013. Following an odyssey through the Internet on search of more information, I decided to create this page as a melting point for related information. For parents to find out about what they are facing. For doctors to help parents understand.

As we have a saying: Help yourself, then god will help you.

This page contains this homepage in German and English, a page on the diagnosis and further links. If you want to add information in other languages or wish to help maintain the information, please register or comment and I will get in touch with you.

Jürgen Barthel
June 2013

Legal notice: This page neither implies nor intends to give you medical advise beyond what to not miss. It is especially not meant to replace immediate consultation with the experts at your next prenatal center with cardiac diagnostic experience in case you are faced with that diagnosis.